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A reliably great service, wherever Ingram Micro does business

Representing 1,700 suppliers and serving more than 200,000 customers in around 160 countries, Ingram Micro is a world leader in providing global technology and supply chain services. Unhappy with the service levels of its existing trade credit insurance provider in the APAC region, Ingram Micro were looking for an alternative insurer. One that could handle USD 4 billion in risk and thousands of customers across 12 APAC countries. One that could provide a reliable and customer friendly service, and one that could offer limits equal to, or better than, their existing cover.

We were the natural choice. Ingram Micro already had an excellent relationship with Atradius in Europe. In fact, we’d been providing a reliable, high-quality service since 2006. And while our proven service was Ingram Micro’s main reason for switching, our ‘hold cover’ made sure the transition was smooth and painless, with virtually no interruption to business. Our risk appetite was better than the incumbent, too, and once the hold cover process was completed, and Ingram Micro was insured with us, we were able to improve on the cover limits risk by working closely with Ingram Micro on a local level.

"Whenever I meet with people from Atradius, I’m struck by their consistent approach and truly positive culture and way of working – no matter where in the world I am, or which office I’m visiting."

Frederic Wittermans,

Executive Director International Credit, Ingram Micro

Molo benefits from Atradius’ enhanced service through innovation

In 2018, Atradius launched a service initiative called Atradius Flow. Atradius Flow integrates Atradius’ credit insurance services directly into a customer’s ERP system, so they can manage their policy alongside their day-to-day business seamlessly.

One of the first customers to benefit from Atradius Flow was the Danish global children fashion label Molo. Molo is sold in 40 countries all over the world, which means in 700 leading speciality and department stores, including Harrods in London and Barneys in New York. Molo has many buyers, and therefore needs to update credit limits on the entire portfolio each time they launch new collections, which is twice a year. Before Atradius Flow, this process took up significant time and resources.

Thanks to Atradius Flow, Molo’s finance department can now administrate their credit insurance in a much more efficient way due to benefits from a seamless integration and automated processes. Ultimately, Molo sees a huge advantage in the reduction in the manual processing of credit insurance and the subsequent costs and errors. The result is a significant improvement in process efficiencies and overall risk.

Atradius Flow serves as one of many examples how Atradius commits to improve the value and services provided to its customers.

"Atradius Flow

enables us to

manage our credit

insurance more


Dennis Pedersen,

Finance Mananger

at Molo A/S

A future built on solid foundations for Henrich Baustoffzentrum

Henrich Baustoffzentrum has provided building materials to Germany’s construction, structural and civil engineering industries for over 150 years. Due to the extended nature of construction projects, customers often require long payment terms, as they are themselves paid late. If a payment is late or a customer defaults, it can quickly cause financial problems along the chain. Therefore it was Atradius’ key challenge to make fast credit limit decisions for its customer in this default-susceptible industry.

Through our highly personalised approach to service, we’ve worked closely with Henrich Baustoffzentrum to develop an efficient, reliable credit management solution. One that also supports the company’s sales and marketing through our New Cover Opportunities services.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped our client capitalise on new and existing business opportunities, and reduce their average ‘days of sales outstanding’ by more than 50% – from 42 days to less than 20.

"We support our clients on the commercial side wherever possible... but this path requires a modern, flexible credit insurance provider who can make fast decisions in line with market requirements and provide us with personal contacts."

Thomas Schulte,

Henrich Baustoffzentrum

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