This is Atradius

Our ability to build strong customer relationships is in our nature. It even helps shape the services we provide.

This is Atradius

Operating globally, we support national and international trade through our credit insurance, surety and debt collection services.

Success in this field means balancing a constant commitment to excellent customer service with an enthusiasm for exploring new trends and technologies. For us, every innovation must be focused on building and protecting the business relationships we value.

We know this approach works: our customers keep coming back, and our business continues to grow. Organisations of all shapes and sizes appreciate the range of benefits of working with us – we do much more than pay claims and recover debts. With us, our customers receive extensive support and guidance, as we help them avoid risks and seize opportunities.

Our 2018 performance at a glance

Continuous group-wide growth and profitability

  • Insurance premium revenue increased by 3.8% (5.3% at constant foreign exchange rates) as Atradius continued to grow its portfolio and expand its global footprint.
  • The result for the year grew to EUR 202.7 million an 8.8% increase from 2017.
  • Our prudent investment portfolio contributed EUR 22.1 million, in a difficult environment with low or negative interest rates and volatile equity markets.
  • Atradius achieved a solid 43.7% claims ratio, paying out over EUR 778 million in claims to customers while consistently supporting them in a challenging risk environment.
  • The expense ratio for the year decreased to 35.5% reflecting Atradius’ commitment to efficiency.
  • The combined ratio ended at 79.2%.
  • Our shareholder’s equity grew 3.9%.

At Atradius, we strengthen our customers’ credit management, allowing businesses around the world to trade confidently and competitively. No matter how complex a transaction is, where in the world it is, or with whom, we want to help make it a success.

We do this by understanding each customer’s business, and by getting to know the people behind it and their goals. With this knowledge we are able to deliver first-class insurance cover, trusted intelligence and business insight, and services that are tailored to suit each customer’s needs. Our ability to build strong customer relationships is in our nature. It even helps shape the services we provide. This is why we invest heavily in forging mutually beneficial partnerships - not only with customers, but also with agents, brokers, information providers, insurance partners, reinsurers and collections networks.

As our customers’ businesses grow and the world they’re trading in evolves, the demands on our business increase too. That’s why we continue to find new and better ways to help customers manage the trade credit risks inherent in business. At the same time, we are keeping up with the challenges of digital transformation in what is an increasingly fast-paced and interconnected world.

We are continually evolving to provide customers and partners with the vital tools, technology, information and services they need to manage risk. For example, simplifying and streamlining everyday tasks like credit limit applications and claims submissions. This allows our customers to focus on activities that add value to their business. Of course, developing deeper relationships, means being ‘present’. We are in over 50 countries across six continents. Wherever we do business, we are attuned to the local cultural, political, regulatory and economic nuances of the markets our customers trade in.

Bring all this together and you can see how, by increasing the value of the services we provide, we help our customers expand, innovate and grow their businesses. Their success stories are what Atradius is built upon. It’s in our DNA.

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