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Upholding our values while embracing change

'Our strategic focus is to develop new technologies to support and enhance our customers’ business growth'

Producing impressive financial results in all areas of our business, 2018 was another successful year for Atradius.

Our excellent results are due to our approach to the market and to our values: to provide high-quality service by working closely with our customers. While the world around us changes, our values do not, which is what makes us such a reliable partner.

The fast-evolving landscape brings opportunities and threats, and the strategic focus we initiated in 2018 addresses both. It aims to transform and future-proof our business, and support our customers and partners in new and exciting ways.

The Big Data trend offers opportunities to make our business smarter and more efficient. We are exploring how to use new analytical techniques to enhance our underwriting and lead-generation activities. In 2018, this included a ground-breaking pilot using the IBM Watson tool to read massive volumes of unstructured financial information and alert underwriters to negative developments.

We are also tapping into the new digital trade economy to create new ways of working with our customers. In 2018, we began working with Kemiex – the world’s first online trading platform for the pharmaceuticals, veterinary food and feed sectors – to give customers direct access to our services.

Connectivity is another important trend. This year we invested in new underlying API technology to upgrade our connectivity capabilities for core processes (such as limits, rating and claims). We will make these available to customers and partners, so they can easily connect and automate processes and data flows. We are also integrating our products and services with trading, credit management, financing and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms. Our customer portal ‘Atrium’ won the Insurance Technology Award in Hong Kong, and we launched the Atradius Collections platform (Agora), which lets customers purchase collections services and receive payments online.

Our Insurance Financial Strength Rating was upgraded to ‘A2’ (outlook stable) by Moody’s. Our Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings from A.M. Best have also been upgraded from ‘a’ to ‘a+’ with a stable outlook. These upgrades reflect our strong consolidated balance sheet and operating performance, favourable business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management.

'While the world around us changes, our values do not'

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