Overview of payment practices by market

Payment Practices Barometer | Asia Pacific

"Overall, economic conditions in 2019 are expected to be more challenging than last year. But Atradius in Asia is well prepared to manage the downside risks that businesses are facing."

Eric den Boogert, Managing Director Atradius, Asia-Pacific

Country overview


What can businesses expect?

Australia’s economy is losing some steam. This could lead to a shortage of capital and restrict business growth.


Trade credit risk on the rise

Survey respondents in China expect trade credit risk to increase over the coming months. Find out more about their business challenges going forward.

Hong Kong

Trade tensions dimming insolvency outlook

Hong Kong’s economic growth is forecast to slow down this year. Businesses delay investment and restrict growth due to lack of capital.


Strong headwinds in the short term

India will remain on a rapid growth path this year. However optimistic this picture may seem, the recent downward revision of India’s growth forecast points to a worsening of business confidence.


How are businesses reacting to weaker demand from China?

Payment terms extended by survey respondents in Indonesia are notably more relaxed than last year. Do loosing terms on export sales reflect a need to limit the drop in export demand?


More strategic credit management needed

Businesses in Japan are focused more on strengthening receivables' collection activities than having a more strategic approach to credit management.


DSO expected to worsen

Economic expansion in Singapore is likely to moderate this year affecting the insolvency environment.


Payment default risks put pressure on businesses

The economic outlook for Taiwan seems less optimistic than one year ago. The worsening of of both the global and domestic economies is expected to adversely impact their business.

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