Overview of payment practices by market

Payment Practices Barometer | Eastern Europe

“Strategic management of the risk of customers’ payment default and securing the receivables with Atradius credit insurance are essential to avoid severe liquidity issues and to pave the way to grow the business safely.”

Thomas Langen, Senior Regional Director Germany, Central and Eastern Europe

Country overview

Czech Republic

A resilient or vulnerable economy?

Economic expansion in the Czech Republic is forecast to remain positive over the coming months, with an average growth rate of about 3% this year.


Reliance on cash payment risks limiting trade

Economic expansion in Bulgaria is expected to lose some momentum in 2019, but should remain strong at above 3%, spurred by robust household spending, strong wage growth and an improving labour market


Trade protection to ensure long-term business

Economic growth in Hungary gained momentum recently, with real GDP gains expected to reach 4.4% this year.


Higher insolvency levels ahead

Real GDP growth in Poland is forecast to reach 4.4% this year, slowing down to 3.6% in 2020.


Expected upsurge in corporate insolvencies

Economic growth in Romania is expected to slow down to around 3.0%-3.1% this year, and to sink below 3% in 2020.


Strong private consumption and export growth

Real GDP growth in Slovakia is forecast to remain strong – 3.3% – this year and to slow slightly down to 3.2% in 2020.


Uncertain economic outlook

Financial conditions in Turkey will be tighter in the coming months.

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